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Add Permaculture into your toolbox

From news reports, we are bombarded by signals of distress of toxic wastes, famines and expiring species, of wars and climate change. Never have so many systems vital to the earth’s habitability been out of equilibrium simultaneously. So why not awaken to the urgency of this global challenge? As a strategy to accelerate the transition… Continue reading Add Permaculture into your toolbox

Permaculture, Sustainable Living

Making Eco bricks

For most of the lower grade plastics we use, there is no market to recycle, meaning that they are currently being sent to landfill.  So it's up to each individual to start taking responsibility for there own trash. The easiest thing is to refuse to buy products that have lots of packaging. Yet if you… Continue reading Making Eco bricks

Permaculture, Sustainable Living

The 10 R’s of Sustainable Living

Exciting times ahead. Climate change is now a part of the mainstream media. Environmental groups agree, it's now or never!  And there's thousands of people ready to change their mindset to become more sustainable. The question that we are often asked is "where do I start?"  So here are a few guidelines to get you… Continue reading The 10 R’s of Sustainable Living

Permaculture, Sustainable Living

Take it personally

Urban sustainability is a huge challenge considering that every two seconds, one person joins the planet’s expanding urban population. As expansion continues apace, problems such as urban planning, waste management, collective infrastructure, and transport are creating enormous strains on ecosystems and the environment. The global crisis faced by humanity is a reflection of collective values… Continue reading Take it personally