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Add Permaculture into your toolbox

From news reports, we are bombarded by signals of distress of toxic wastes, famines and expiring species, of wars and climate change. Never have so many systems vital to the earth’s habitability been out of equilibrium simultaneously. So why not awaken to the urgency of this global challenge? As a strategy to accelerate the transition… Continue reading Add Permaculture into your toolbox

Permaculture, Sustainable Living

Take it personally

Urban sustainability is a huge challenge considering that every two seconds, one person joins the planet’s expanding urban population. As expansion continues apace, problems such as urban planning, waste management, collective infrastructure, and transport are creating enormous strains on ecosystems and the environment. The global crisis faced by humanity is a reflection of collective values… Continue reading Take it personally

Ecocentro Ipec, Natural Building, Permaculture, Sustainable Living

Our inspiration in Brazil – Ecocentro IPEC

Ecocentro IPEC is an ecological centre that is snuggled in the valley of Mar de Guerra in Pirenopolis, Goais, the savannah of Brazil. It's one of a kind. A giant dome of more than 200 unfired bricks will greet you. And if you're lucky enough to spend the night, a thousand stars will light your… Continue reading Our inspiration in Brazil – Ecocentro IPEC

Permaculture, Sustainable Living

Stop Adani – Take it personally!

What a surprising Easter Sunday listening to Enviro Rock Star, Bob Brown talk about his mission in the Stop Adani Convoy. His love and passion for keeping Australia green is contagious. And perfect timing, Easter Sunday.  Easter is historically a time of earth renewal where we are called upon to awaken and renew ourselves. Originally a spring time festival,… Continue reading Stop Adani – Take it personally!


Gardening With The Moon

It's a waning moon and I'm watching my baby radishes and beetroot all start to shoot through. I planted them less than a week ago at the start of the waning moon. I believe, like many other gardeners, that seeds sown in their best lunar phase grow into healthier plants. In my experience crops tend… Continue reading Gardening With The Moon


Worms Worms and More Worms

Today I found an earthworm egg. Very exciting! This little white ball of love can hold several young worms. Young worms hatch from their eggs in between three weeks to five months. The gestation period varies for different species of worms. It also depends on environmental conditions such as temperature and soil moisture. Charles Darwin… Continue reading Worms Worms and More Worms