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Our inspiration in Brazil – Ecocentro IPEC

Ecocentro IPEC is an ecological centre that is snuggled in the valley of Mar de Guerra in Pirenopolis, Goais, the savannah of Brazil. It's one of a kind. A giant dome of more than 200 unfired bricks will greet you. And if you're lucky enough to spend the night, a thousand stars will light your… Continue reading Our inspiration in Brazil – Ecocentro IPEC

Natural Building, Sustainable Living

The Art of Superabode

Superadobe or earth bag building was developed by Nader Khalili, an Iranian American architect, writer, and humanitarian. He developed the superadobe system in 1984, in response to a NASA call for designs for human settlements on the Moon and Mars. It wasn’t taken to the moon but the project was used after the Persian Gulf… Continue reading The Art of Superabode