10 Easy to Grow Vegetables

If you have never planted before, starting a garden can be a little daunting.  But the benefits of stepping out of your comfort zones are plenty. Creating an organic garden reduces toxicity in soil, air, water and your body. Organic veggies have more flavour so you get the real taste of food. Also an organic garden… Continue reading 10 Easy to Grow Vegetables

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Take it personally

Urban sustainability is a huge challenge considering that every two seconds, one person joins the planet’s expanding urban population. As expansion continues apace, problems such as urban planning, waste management, collective infrastructure, and transport are creating enormous strains on ecosystems and the environment. The global crisis faced by humanity is a reflection of collective values… Continue reading Take it personally

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Garden Everything, Everything Gardens

The challenge of creating green spaces for people to escape into what both separates them from the outside world and connects them with their inner self is one that White Rabbit Garden Team embraces. There is an immeasurable amount fantasy, curiosity, and desire of manifestation that is embraced and reinforced by each and every garden that we… Continue reading Garden Everything, Everything Gardens

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Turning a Lawn into a Lunch

Lawrence Halprin once said that "The great challenge for the garden designer is not to make the garden look natural, but to make the garden so that the people in it will feel natural.” Looking at my front yard I knew that their had to be change, I didn't feel natural in it. The small pine… Continue reading Turning a Lawn into a Lunch


Get inspired with these quirky container gardens

Container gardening can be a fun way to bring colour and visual depth into your garden. Container gardening is a great solution for small urban spaces such as balconies and small backyards. I enjoy getting creative with container gardening. I specially enjoy upcycling pots that have been thrown away. I normally find pots on the… Continue reading Get inspired with these quirky container gardens

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Urban Potatoes Rock!

Now, there is something truly delicious about roasted potatoes with rosemary. It has to be one of my favourite baked dishes 🙂 So naturally I wanted to have the experience of growing my own organic potatoes. Unfortunately potatoes have gained a bit of a bad reputation due to the common habit of deep frying them.… Continue reading Urban Potatoes Rock!


Gardening With The Moon

It's a waning moon and I'm watching my baby radishes and beetroot all start to shoot through. I planted them less than a week ago at the start of the waning moon. I believe, like many other gardeners, that seeds sown in their best lunar phase grow into healthier plants. In my experience crops tend… Continue reading Gardening With The Moon