10 Easy to Grow Vegetables

If you have never planted before, starting a garden can be a little daunting.  But the benefits of stepping out of your comfort zones are plenty. Creating an organic garden reduces toxicity in soil, air, water and your body. Organic veggies have more flavour so you get the real taste of food. Also an organic garden… Continue reading 10 Easy to Grow Vegetables


Pickled Nasturtium Pods Anyone?

The nasturtiums in my back yard farm are going bonkers! They are growing so much! The yellow, orange and red flowers are spreading all over my garden, calling in the pollinators. So beautiful AND tasty! I love the nasturtiums sweet pungent peppery flavour! I enjoy eating the leaves and flowers straight from the garden or… Continue reading Pickled Nasturtium Pods Anyone?

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Urban Potatoes Rock!

Now, there is something truly delicious about roasted potatoes with rosemary. It has to be one of my favourite baked dishes 🙂 So naturally I wanted to have the experience of growing my own organic potatoes. Unfortunately potatoes have gained a bit of a bad reputation due to the common habit of deep frying them.… Continue reading Urban Potatoes Rock!